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Why do I need a Travel Plan?

There’s lots of reasons you could need a travel plan. Some of these are below:

If you’re a developer, architect or town planner you will probably be required to produce an active and sustainable travel plan as one of your planning conditions. The guidelines state that businesses or developments which may make a significant impact on the local road network need a travel plan. What a significant impact actually looks like is something which is left to local councils to decide. Therefore in some places, businesses with over 20 staff or customer visits per day and housing developments over 10 houses now need a travel plan. These vital pieces of planning help to secure you that all important consent and meet your environmental responsibilities.

If you’re a business looking to go carbon neutral, a big part in how you meet this is to look at how your employees travel to and from work. Making provision for walk, run and cycle commuting as well as providing detailed information on public transport will go a long way towards meeting these targets. This can even save you money as many studies have shown that employees travelling to and from work by methods other than personal car spend less time off sick than those that do use a car.

If you’re moving to a new home, you might want a travel plan to help you settle in to your new area. Little things like where the local schools are and what the safest routes to and from would be, where and what the local shops are and when they’re open, where the parks are, where the best local hangouts are for an evening out, what public transport to use to get around, these are all things that will help save you time and effort at a later date.

Even if you aren’t moving home, if you really need a car for some days and don’t have access, do you know where your local car clubs are so you can have use of one on days you need it? If you’re looking to change to an e-car, do you know what you need or would you rather be linked with no fuss to one of the best and most trusted suppliers of e-cars in the country? These are things that are covered in your travel plan.

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