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What is a Sustainable Travel Plan?

Sustainable Travel Plan

"When my outline planning permission has come back one of the conditions is that we put a Travel Plan in place. What is this and why do I need it?" This is a question our transport consultants regularly get asked at iRIS and we're very glad to be able to assist.

There are many reasons you might be asked for a travel plan.  Those outlined by the government are; 

  • encouraging sustainable travel;
  • lessening traffic generation and its detrimental impacts;
  • reducing carbon emissions and climate impacts;
  • creating accessible, connected, inclusive communities;
  • improving health outcomes and quality of life;
  • improving road safety; and
  • reducing the need for new development to increase existing road capacity or provide new roads.

Realistically a combination of these reasons are likely to influence the decision by the local council on whether a travel plan will need to be put in place.  These can vary from council to coucil, however the most common reasons are to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the impact of traffic generation of the new development.

The most important part of the travel plan is the setting of realistic targets for travel to and from the development.  These targets are set on a case by case basis and take the following into consideration;

  • Proximity to public transport and local cycle networks
  • Facilities and amenities within easy walking distance
  • Perceived and actual safety of active travel in the location.

The travel plan will suggest methods for assisting people in deciding to use active travel.  It is important to remember that the travel plan is not anti-car but is designed to reduce dependence on cars and encourage the use of more sustainable solutions.

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