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Parking Impact Assessment FAQs

What is a Parking Impact Assessment?

Simply put, a parking impact assessment compares the parking standards of the local highways and planning authorities and compares them to the actual parking available at your development.  Should your parking be below the required standard, our transport consultants will carry out surveys at various times of day to ensure that public and / or on street parking provision is available locally and there won't be an impact on residents or road safety.

Why would I need a Parking Impact Assessment?

It's not always possible to provide parking within your development, particularly in town and city centre sites.  However there is usually adequate parking avaiable either on-street or in public carparks locally to mean that this isn't always a show stopper.  A parking impact assessment will help you determine whether this is the case for your site.

What months can a Parking Impact Assessment be carried out?

In most cases, local councils request that parking surveys be carried out in the neutral months of April, May, June, September and October. Should you choose to take a survey outside these times for your own information, please be aware that these findings may not be accepted by the local council and they may request further samples.

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