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Highways Access Appraisal

Getting your highways access appraisal is easy, simple and stress free.

We do all the work and make everything as quick and easy as possible for you.

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Highways Access Appraisal Preston

What is a Highways Access Appraisal?

Highways Access Appraisal Preston

In short, it's the way to decide where your entrance and exit is best situated to keep everyone safe.

There's lots to consider when it comes to access, whether you're wanting to move your existing access or whether it's a completely new development.

Whether it's a one time project, or you're an experienced developer, iRIS can help you decide whether your chosen access point is both safe and feasible and, if appropriate, suggest alternatives.  

Whether you're looking to ensure you have appropriate visibility or are unsure how wide your access needs to be, you can rest assured that iRIS have you covered.

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Here's How it Works

Contact iRIS

Step #1

Contact iRIS

Use the links to call or email iRIS so we can get some details and get the ball rolling.

Accept Quote

Step #2

Accept the Quote

Within 1 working day you will receive a written quote. When you decide to accept, confirm with us that you want to go ahead.

Send Plans

Step #3

Send us Your Plans

Once we've received your work order, just attach a pdf copy of your plans via email and we can start on your transport statement.

Receive Report

Step #4

Receive Your Access Appraisal

Your highways access appraisal will be researched, written and sent to you to review before you submit it to the planning department.

Get Your Highways Access Appraisal

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When Would My Highways Access Appraisal be Ready?

Most Highways Access Appraisals take 1 month from order to completion - but certain factors, including the time of year and geography, can affect how long this will take.

Should speed surveys need to be carried out, these can only be undertaken in neutral months of April, May, June, September and October, which may impact on how long your Highways Access Appraisal will take.

Based on current capacity Highways Access Appraisals not requiring speed surveys ordered today are expected to take:

2 weeks

Of course, if your appraisal will require a speed survey but want to book in for completion at a date and time in the future to suit you, you're quite welcome to do this!

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