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BREEAM Travel Plan FAQs

1. What is BREEAM?

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world leading assessment method for assessing sustainable buildings.  It recognises and reflects how sustainable a development is throughout its lifecycle, including transport and how the end user travels to and from the development.

2. Do I need a BREEAM Travel Plan?

Depending on which credits you decide to target in conjunction with your BREEAM assessor, you may need a BREEAM Transport Plan.  iRIS transport consultants are not BREEAM assessors, however if you're looking for one, get in touch and we can recommend one to you.  If you've decided to target the credits available from transport, then get in touch, we can provide BREEAM compliant travel plans for you.

3. When should I appoint my BREEAM Travel Consultant?

In an ideal world your BREEAM transport consultant should be part of the planning right from the start.  The philosophy of a BREEAM development is that sustainability should be treated holistically, therefore choosing the most appropriate site for your development in regards to transport and travel is something to be considered.  Achieving the highest points for transport can only happen if your development is designed with sustainable travel in mind.

4. How many points can I get from a BREEAM Travel Plan?

Up to 12 credits are available from the transport section of BREEAM, however all of these may not be available.  You should decide in conjunction with your BREEAM assessor and transport consultant how many it would be appropriate to target.

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